About Us

Cool Bazaar is an online, curated marketplace of unique & edgy products.
We were founded in 2019 by a group of people wanting to break free from the norm of boring mall clothing & accessories stores.
We couldn’t find a one-stop shop that helped us express ourselves and our looks, so we created Cool Bazaar – a site that celebrates our attitudes and provides the best items we want in order to show off our unique tastes.
Our warehouse ships hundreds of items all over the world and we are offering a very easy transaction with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We at Cool Bazaar, deal in retail (B2C) and offer new and unique products with exciting specifications and rates.
Our dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team is here for every question and suggestion, at: support@coolbazaar.in
we will be more than happy to assist you.
Cool Bazaar was born out of a desire to expand beyond the mainstream.
We want to reach others tired of the same old clothes and cookie-cutter accessories.
We want to be the go-to place where you find fashion items that stand out and make you feel like yourself.
We want you to follow your passions and use our products as an outlet and expression of your lifestyle.
We want you to party hard, go to shows, and create art while looking and feeling totally bad-ass.
We want you to be you.
Be Unique. Be Yourself.